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update on Drayden and court stuff

Drayden is on his second year of special needs preschool. He will hopefully be caught up in time for kindergarten. He has seizures and is doing great with handling it. His medicine has been working great. The seizures were cause by his egg donor suffocating him. His bio mom has not contacted him in over a year. Draydens bio mom owes Drayden over $1000 and has disappeared. Wisconsin can no longer find her and she will be counted as a fugitive after today. Good news, everything finally moved to Illinois and if she steps foot in illinois or is found in wisconsin, she will be arrested and will lose her other child. Cross your fingers.



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Save this 3 year old from his abusive mother in Wisconsin!

I am tired of hearing that nobody wants to help my husband’s child. We are tired of not being heard. So since, nobody wants to listen, I will make them listen.

(Added 04/21/12 *apparently the way I write is confusing some people so I now added paragraphs to everything, and wrote a little bit more clearly in some parts since some people have a little bit of a harder time understanding things. And since some people are getting offended by the names of the drugs that I have listed, I will remove the names and just say drugs*)

My husbands ex-girlfriend kicked him out of their child’s life (This child is now 3. She kicked him out of  their lives when the kid just turned 1). Since that moment, she made sure that my husband couldn’t contact her or the child… EVER! Her number kept changing, she moved around a lot (finally settled down with my husband’s father, who backed up the mother over his own son), she has been very unstable for this child. So, my husband finally just gave up trying to fight for a child that, not only the mother was keeping from him, but the whole city (judges, child support, police, etc.) of Eau Claire, Wisconsin as well (only because they believe that a single mother should always have her child no matter what. Doesn’t matter if she does drugs. Doesn’t matter if she doesn’t buy this kid clothes or teach him how to talk. Doesn’t matter if the father has now been in a stable relationship for about 2 years).

One day, my husband gets a call from his family saying that their estranged father needs to speak to him. My husband called him back around midnight and his father told him that he’s paying child support on a kid that the mother doesn’t even have anymore. She moved out of his father’s house (on October 23, 2011) to go live with a bunch of druggies (including her biological father and his gang) in a single bedroom apartment that had 15 people living in it. This kid slept on the floor strapped in his car seat, and in some cases, upside down. Well after about 2 months in that apartment, she and a friend left to go live with a friend of theirs who does drugs as well (she lost her daughter for that reason). While at this house, her child was stuck in a small room all day long while she would be having sex with several different men at all random hours of the day/night. On January 10, 2012, she just got tired of this poor little boy and she held her hands over his mouth and nose. After the kid stopped crying (who knows if he past out or not), she left the house (was getting ready to move… YET AGAIN). The girl she was staying with called her mom to come get this little boy. Luckily, he didn’t die. So this girls mom comes and gets this kid. The kids mother comes back when that is happening and she signed over her rights to this random lady on just a piece of college ruled paper, then signed her name. So now, besides being an attempted murderer, she just added on abandoning her child.

After about a month that this child is with this new lady, she gets tired of him (The day happened to be February 14, 2012). She started to look up, in the phone book, everyone with the same last name of this child in: Barron, Wisconsin – Cameron, Wisconsin – Rice Lake, Wisconsin – Eau Claire, Wisconsin – Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin… and all other surrounding areas. She finally found his grandfather, my husband’s dad. She told him everything that this kids mother did and how he is the child from hell, etc. So like I was saying, my husbands estranged father got a hold of him on February 14, 2012 at about 11pm (left a message for him in his voicemail. He did this as well as call my husbands sisters). The next day, February 15, 2012, we called the Eau Claire child support agency to see if they knew where the mother had disappeared to and if they could stop his child support. They said no to both questions and we had to figure things out on our own. My husband’s step-mother called him and told him that the lady who has his son, has a meeting with one of the Barron County Social Workers on Friday, February 17, 2012. My husband called the number for this place and got a hold of the person who was handling this case. After my husband told her who the child was, who the mother was, that he was the father, and that he wants his child NOW (from the lady who technically kidnapped him), this social worker told him to come up to Barron, Wisconsin on February 17, 2012, to get his kid.

That night we went out and bought everything a child that is 3 would need (we spent over $2000 to get this kid set up and to have everything when we brought him home: bed, clothes, car seat, bath stuff, toys, dishes, diaper bag, etc.). So, Friday, we went up to Barron, WI, with my husband’s lawyer, to get this kid. We had to sit in this “informal meeting” where the social worker pretty much told all of us that the mother has several allegations of child abuse against her. We found out (from the social worker, who told us everything I am about to say here) that she (the mother) tried to smother him, pushed him into a table and gave him a concussion where he was bleeding out, would hold him by the ankles and bang his head on the ground, the list goes on. Everyone was disgusted, but she was smiling like she was proud of herself. She was asked why she did what she did and all she could say was, “well, he wouldn’t shut up, so I put my hand over his face to get him to… like this” and she showed us what she did. Also, during this same “informal meeting” the lady who had my husband’s son was talking about what she, herself, did to this child. After this lady explained how she treated this poor kid, my husband and I just about broke down. He went from 1 abusive home to the next. After a lot of arguing and lies from the mother, we got the child (when we got this child, we were expecting to have some clothes and toys to come with him… all this kid had was a small hoodie, skinny jeans, and boots that were 2 sizes to small). The mother and my husband had to exchange information, and she also sent him a request on “Facebook”.

Well as we were going through her Facebook page once we got back to Illinois, not only did we come across a few threats towards my husband (said by her… The few we saw pretty much stated that she wants to hire a hitman to kill this kids father), but there were a ton of negative comments about him, and comments about some pictures that she posted of this child. The comments were abuse all by themselves, but we went to go look at her photos that she felt the need to say disturbing things about. As my husband and I are looking through these photos, we stumble upon several of this kid in a girls dress with his hair up in a ponytail and full blown makeup on (pink eye shadow, pink blush, and red lipstick), we also stumbled upon several pictures of him with duct tape over his mouth and forced to stay down so his mother could take a picture, and there were a ton of others just as disturbing, but the second we saw the duct tape one, we went nuts. We started to save up everything that could work against her and get her arrested. On March 5, 2012, we had a court hearing for my husband’s child support to stop, for him to get custody of this kid, and for the mother to not have visitation. The commissioner (who will do anything the mother of this child says because he has a thing for single mothers) who knew about the mothers abuse denied my husband sole legal physical placement/custody of the child and gave him temporary placement, and denied the no visitation thing saying, “the mother has every right to see her child and sooner or later, the child will be going back to the mother. therefore, I will only grant you temporary custody until the mother takes a parenting class.” We got mad.

On that same day, we filed a police report against her, but they couldn’t do anything because the case with the social worker was still open. On March 23, 2012 the case was finally closed. We got a piece of paper in the mail saying that the mother was the physical abuser of this child, everything was founded to be true. On March 26, 2012, we took a copy of that paper and went to file another police report. We filed another one in Eau Claire, WI (makes 2 now) and 1 in Cameron, WI (where she currently lives). We gave each place about 20 something pictures, 5 comments from her Facebook that could be used against her, and obviously, a copy of the paper saying she did abuse this child. After a long day in Wisconsin, we went back home to Illinois feeling like something will finally happen. This kid can hopefully get justice now and his abuser will finally get whats coming to her. The next day, March 27, 2012, we went to file for an Order of Protection form here in Illinois, so the mother can’t see him or even call him. That court date got set to April 24, 2012. We now have to wait a month to even see if this kid can be protected against his abuser. Well today is now Tuesday, April 17, 2012. We have called the police stations where we filed reports several times over the past couple of weeks to see where they are at in this investigation. We found out that none of the cities want to work with this case. The abuse for this child has been happening since the mother kicked my husband out of the child’s life. So she was abusing him all over Eau Claire County and Barron County. None of the cities involved want to investigate. The mother has been all over the place while the abuse was happening that each city it did happen in is saying, “nope… didn’t happen here… not our problem!” Well the mother of this child would have gotten arrested earlier, if the social worker would have done her job from the beginning and formally… not informally.

So now, the cops (in Rusk county, where everything got transferred to) are telling us that what she did wasn’t abuse because there were no bruises. When we got this child back in Feb, we took him to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and they took pictures of all the bruises that were left over from January. When the mother smothered this kid, she did so much damage to the cartilage in his nose, that he couldn’t breathe through it until just recently. The bruise is still a little bit there now. Anyway, after calling the cops and being told that they won’t do anything, we went above their heads and started calling the DA’s of each city. One DA (the one in Barron county) told us that everything is being worked out in Rice Lake. We called Rice Lake’s DA, but only got a hold of the sheriff who told us, “Putting duct tape on your child is not abuse. Neither is having a cross-dressing child. You can’t do anything if your kid wants to be gay.” First off, the mother forced this child to wear girl’s clothing because she always wanted a daughter and since she didn’t get one, she decided to force her son to be one. This child looked terrified in all of those pictures. He didn’t even know what a boy or girl was until we taught him that he was a boy. We have had this kid for 2 months now, and he can speak so much better. He actually talks now instead of grunting. He uses the potty (still in diapers though), plays outside almost daily, and he ALWAYS has a smile on his face. My husband and I did a court wedding so I could adopt this kid. We figured if the mother signed away her rights once, she would do it again… NOPE! She wants her kid back now. But that will never happen. She might succeed in killing this kid then.

But after talking to DA’s and being shot down, we called the Department of Justice who told us the same thing. From 8am this morning to 5pm this evening, we have been on the phone calling people all day to figure out what is going on. Not one person in Wisconsin wants to arrest this girl for the crime she committed. However, just recently a few months back, a man of a certain ethnicity was arrested for just putting duct tape on his daughter in Chicago, IL and posting it on Facebook. I looked up and down… and all over Google and found 11 cases, just in the US within the past year and a half of parents who got arrested for just duct taping their children… AND THEY GOT CHARGED WITH A FELONY! Most of them were males, 5/11 were of ethnic origins, 6/11 were white. Of those 6, 3 were women… and they were all brunettes. Several people hinted that they won’t arrest the mother because she is a blonde, white, female. That is discrimination. So after finding all of this crap out, and nobody wanting to help us PERIOD, we are going even higher. Tomorrow (April 18, 2012), we will be calling the governors of Wisconsin and anything higher than that until we get heard. For now, the internet is all we have to help us out. Please help our son get the justice he deserves and to not be sent back with his abusive mother! What blows our minds even more, is the fact that the mother said (quoting from a text she sent me), “Duh. I never abused him”… not only do we have a ton of proof of her abusing him… but she is in denial about it. She is delusional!

Pass this on to anyone and everyone! We need to be heard. We need to save this child!Image



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